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Who am I?

Welcome to Optimizm!

Hi everyone.

My name’s Izzy,

For as long as I can remember I have been creative.

when I was younger I was extremely shy and so my parents convinced me to join a local drama group. This was where I first found my individuality and confidence, through this I was also introduced to the art of musical theatre. I began singing lessons and found my voice, ever since then performing arts has been a large part of my life.

The first professional musical I saw was Wicked. Although I didn‘t comprehend it this way at the time in hindsight I can recognise that this was where I first discovered my infatuation with visual communication. Seeing the lights, the set, the flyers, the posters and the programmes was all part of what made my experience so exciting, I loved the way that although these media’s were clearly so different in format they all had a distinctive design and style to reflect the show they were presenting. For me it was exciting how combining all these digital design elements allows a concept or thing to feel like a community, world or experience.

I have also had a love for fashion throughout my life, I attended the Azzedine Allaia exhibition in London, the summer before I joined sixth form. Obviously I adored the designs themselves but the main thing which ignited true excitement and passion within me was the fact that it was a digitally immersive experience.

Pictures above are of the exhibition and also the designer himself

There was a section within the exhibition where you could sit down and there was a virtual runway via video. I found it revolutionary the way in which The Design Museum could provide an entertainment service like a fashion show in a virtual way, it excited me the way this form of viewing (almost like cinema) could be presented in ways which match the actual venues and crowds, for example the way that their set-up looked like a fashion show and had a relevant audience as they had chosen to visit his expedition so shared interests.

Now that I have found my passion for digital media I am inspired by the concept in the context of what this could do for a business. Is there a way that businesses could host virtual representations of what they do in order to reach a larger audience? We already have online content but could there be virtual exhibitions in different cities or countries for a company/ event in order to increase revenue?

For example London Fashion week (or other fashion shows/ runways), We already have paid streaming options for some events but could we have virtual versions of the show set up to live stream the show in an area deliberately laid out to look like a runway with vertical double sided screens where the catwalk is show in a way which can charge much more than streaming but less than the real show to make the shows more accessible in a way that people would be willing to pay for as it looks like being there and allows people to watch the event with likeminded people who share the same interests. I believe these events would be beneficial as although they would cost money to create and run they would also heavily increase outreach and profit aswell as engagement and discussion about the event as social media reach would be advanced. This would also allow for people to access the show from various countries and solve the issue of limited venue space and allow for the elite industry relevant guests to still attend the ‘real‘ event.

Picture above is a photo of me at the exhibition

I am still so new in my discovery of my future career within digital marketing and as of yet most of my focus and knowledge is a passion project which I am now putting in the work to make a career. Within this blog I will share things I learn along the way, my theories about future advancements in digital marketing and also other general topics which interest me.

Thank you for reading my first blog post,


Founder of Optimizm blog.

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